Software License Management


A good plan is essential for managing Software License across the enterprise.


It requires a combination or People, Process and Technology to gain optimum efficiency.


Our expert can help you implement.

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Smoother Operations

Lets you focus on running your business and takes your mind off interruptions like unsupported programs, viruses and security problems arising from a lack of patches or updates.



Better Price Points

A better understanding of your software needs and an educated purchase process allows you to leverage the price benefits associated with volume purchases.



Right Licensing Type

License Management gives you a better understanding of how many, and what types of licenses are needed. Should you buy on a per-person, per-computer basis, or look into volume license acquisition? Your Licensing strategy will tell you exactly what you need and save you money when it comes to purchasing your licenses.

Eliminate Waste and Redundancy

A thorough software reconciliation, an important step in any good software license management plan, will identify software that is not being used, but is still being maintained. This software can then be removed and used elsewhere along with its associated license.




A proper Software License Management program limits your legal liability and prevents any damage to your business that could arise from a potential lawsuit.



Corporate Governance

There are two basic steps toward ensuring good corporate governance: identifying the risks, and controlling and mitigating these risks. Software License Management can help you with both.


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