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The Challenge: Continuous Software License Management
= How can you extend corporate governance and risk management practices to software? = How can you cost effectively ensure that you are always prepared for a potential software audit?
= How can you remain compliant, even as you take advantage of virtualization, cloud and other new technologies? Does Your Organization Need Software License Management?
= Do you know how many computers, laptops, and servers your organization currently has in use?
= Do you know exactly what software, which versions are installed on these computers?
= Do you have a software license for all software programs installed on your computers, laptops, and servers?
= Are you confident that no employee has made unauthorized copies of any software licensed to your organization?
= Did you acquire all the software installed on your computers, laptops, and servers from authorized suppliers?
= Does your organization have a documented policy to prevent unauthorized software usage and overall software compliance? If you answered "No" to any of these questions, or do not have immediate answers to these questions. Call us and learn how you can get started on managing your Software License.
Market Reality
Per Industry Analysts Gartner and Forrester, the probability of organizations being audited by at least one software vendor every year is more than 65%. The business case of having a proper Software License Management process in the organization is more compelling today than ever. But that is only half the story – an organization on an average over-spends on software by as much as 20% - wasting precious business resources. Typical types of license non-compliance
= One licensed copy to install a software program on multiple computers
= An “upgrade” license without a licensed copy of the previous release in the upgrade chain
= Academic or other restricted non-commercial software for a commercial use.
= Server-Client Overuse.